“So I’m a big Taylor fan, like everybody else I suppose, and I heard the snippet that they played on Good Morning America. […] It was just a small tidbit and I texted Jack [Antonoff] — Just to make it very clear we’re not like best friends or anything. […] He’s always been nice to me and we exchanged information. […] So when I heard this one song I was like “Oh man, this is cool. It sounds like —” forgetting that Jack had worked on it, I was like “Oh man, this sounds like a cool Bleachers cover done by Taylor Swift.” I texted him and I looked it up, and it turned out that he had actually co-written and produced the song with her, so I was like “Hey man, this sounds great. I’m glad to hear it.”” — Darren Criss on Taylor Swift’s "Out of the Woods" (x)


DarrenCriss: What calms your nerves after being menaced by zombies, vampires, and dudes with chainsaws? Easy. @Cinnabon, bro. @benjpasek #UniversalHHN‬

DarrenCriss: Ah, the good ol’ Dalton Days… @ChrisColfer #tbt? Courtesy of our mastermind Director of Photography @JOAQUINSEDILLO 

msleamichele: On set! Working w/ @chordoverstreet & @DarrenCriss today! It’s gonna be a good day! #daleastreet 

Rock The Vote Presents: #TURNOUTFORWHAT

[UHQ] Darren Criss and the cast of Glee at the American Horror Story: Freak Show Premiere.

Darren Criss photobombs Lea Michele at the “AHS: Freakshow” premiere

The cast of Glee attends the ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Premiere Screening on October 5, 2014

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